About us

Hello to everyone! 🙂

We are a small group of travel lovers, coming from small town Novi Pazar in the small country of Serbia. However, we have a huge passion. Passion for traveling and writing about the places we visited.

At first, our goal was just to visit places, learn about history, cultures, try cuisines, see nature and wildlife, and have a fun. Have a lot of fun. Eventually, from goal to travel, our mission was born. Mission to share excitement and information about places we visited with the people who love to travel. We want to provide enough information about places and countries in a simple and understandable way, so you can visit them easily and enjoy as much as we did.

Our vision is to make a place where you can find enough information to plan and make your trip, and at the same time, you don’t find anything over sufficient from what you need.

What Perihla means?

Perihla is formed from two words: peri (meaning “around”) and rihla (meaning “quest”).

Peri is an Ancient Greek word for “around”. It is the root word for periplus (pɛrɪplʌs), an itinerary from landmark to landmark of the ports along a coast in Ancient Greek.

Rihla is an Arabic word for “quest”. It is an Ancient Arabic travel literature based upon the experiences of the travelers.

Both, Peripulus and Rihla were one of the forerunners of the guidebooks. Each in its own time and place.

We see Perihla as a place where the ancient human urge for exploring new places can be fulfilled. We see Perihla as a successor of Peripulus and Rihla. We are in the quest around the World all the time, hence the name Perihla. And it’s not just about us. It’s about you, migrating animals, flowing rivers, and everyone or everything who ever wanted to see something new. All of you are Perihla too, even if you don’t know it.

Please read Our philosophy.