Hong Kong Day 2 highlights

  1. Victoria Peak & Peak Tram (2-4 hours recommended time for a visit)
  2. Central (2 hours)
  3. Hong Kong Park (1 hour)
  4. Happy Valley Racecourse (2-3 hours)

Total time for a sightseeing without pauses and transportation: 7-10 hours

It is hard to say that you visit Hong Kong if you didn’t climb Victoria Peak. This is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island and one of it’s most memorable attractions. Even way up to the peak is an attraction for itself if you chose to use Peak Tram.

After Victoria Peak, you can spend a few hours walking around Central, the birthplace of modern Hong Kong. Not far from Central is Hong Kong Park, an oasis of tranquility in the urban jungle of Hong Kong.

It is hard to find a more exciting place to be on Wednesday nights in Hong Kong than Happy Valley Racecourse. This racecourse is a great alternative to bars and nightclubs to spend a night out in Hong Kong.