Hong Kong Day 3 highlights

  1. Tian Tan Buddha (1-2 hours recommended time for a visit)
  2. Po Lin Monastery and Wisdom Path (2-3 hours)
  3. Tai O (3-4 hours)

Total time for a sightseeing without pauses and transportation: 7-9 hours
Unless you don’t have any other option we highly recommend to visit attractions from Day 3 on one of the weekdays. During weekdays, crowds in Po Lin Monastery and Tai O are noticeably smaller.

If you want to get away from a city hustle and bustle, Lantau Island would be a perfect place to do so. With a lush greenery, clean air, traditional villages and tranquility it offers a different experience of Hong Kong you can feel in Hong Kong Island or Kowloon Peninsula.

Set up in 520 high Ngong Ping plateau Tian Tan Buddha statue and Po Lin Monastery overlooks Lantau Island and compete with its beautiful surroundings for visitor’s attention.

If you are hiking lover and feeling strong enough you can take one of the best hikes in Hong Kong, famous Lantau Peak Hike. You do this hike just after you finish Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery sightseeing. Lantau Peak is a second highest summit in Hong Kong. About 1 km long trail to the top is moderately difficult and it will take about 1.5 to 2 hours to go to the top and back.

How to get to the Ngong Ping
To get to the Ngong Ping (where Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery are) you can take Ngong Ping Cable Car, bus #23, bus #2 or taxi. Ngong Ping Cable Car (昂坪360; Metro: Tung Chung MTR station, Exit B; www.np360.com.hk; adult/children/senior (standard cabin: one way HK$115/60/80, return HK$165/85/115), (glass bottom cabin: one way HK$180/125/145, return HK$255/175/205); 10:00-18:00) is a gondola lift system connecting Tung Chung with Ngong Ping area. This 25 minutes ride is not just means of transport, but also a great way to explore Lantau Island. It goes over the Tung Chung Bay and lush green mountainous terrain of Lantau Island offering great panoramic views. To avoid queues, which can be very long, pre-book cable car via website www.np360.com.hk or come very early. If you are on a budget take bus #23 (Metro: Tung Chung MTR station, Exit B) from Tung Chung Town Centre or bus #2 from Mui Wo. Ride by bus #23/#2 takes about 45/35 minutes.

Day 3 is devoted to a religion and cultural aspect of the Hong Kong, so it makes perfect sense to end it in Tai O. This small, traditional finishing village will captivate you with its irresistible charm.

From Ngong Ping Village you can reach Tai O village by taxi (10 minutes; around HK$50) or by bus #21 (20 minutes; one-way weekdays/Sunday HK$6.6/HK$14).