Hong Kong Day 4 highlights

  1. Repulse Bay (3-4 hours recommended time for a visit)
  2. Stanley (4-5)

Total time for a sightseeing without pauses and transportation: 7-9 hours

Although the first images you will create when mentioning Hong Kong skyscrapers and a bustle of a big and modern city, there are some beautiful beaches that can be found in Hong Kong, where you can relax. After a few days of exhausting exploration of Hong Kong, swimming in the sea and resting on the beach will definitely go down well. One of the beaches you may enjoy is Repulse Bay (淺水灣). Located on the south side of Hong Kong Island, this public beach is convenient for many reasons, and one of them is the fact it can be easily reached by several buses.

Don’t stay too long in Repulse Bay if you want to visit Stanley Market because most of the shops are closed by 18:30. From Repulse Bay you can reach Stanley by #6, #6A, #6X, #260, #63, #65 or #973 bus. Bus routes from Central Exchange Square Bus to Repulse Bay and Stanley Terminal (6, #6A, #6X, #260) are with beautiful scenery along the way.

Stanley is a charming little village, with a beautiful waterfront. It is quite different from other parts of the Hong Kong, so it can come as a great refreshment. Tour Stanley with our step by step walking tour.