Dragon’s Back hike

It can be freely described as one of the finest trails of the Hong Kong, making it incomparable to the other, less popular hikes. It is a part of the 50km Hong Kong hiking trail, and one of the things that make it so attractive is the fact it is not far away from the city itself, so it perfectly fits overloaded schedules typical for Hong Kong. It is popular, because of its accessibility and the level of difficulty also, since it is often described as one of the easiest hikes. Of course, a certain physical effort is required, but it is definitely not of those trails being ideal just for professionals and people in excellent physical condition.

Even though sometimes it is hard to get a motivation, experience something new and have a real encounter with nature, this hike is definitely worth trying.  Not just that you get to enjoy the beautiful path in front of, but the whole surrounding is dreamlike, reminding of desert islands, but yet near to the city and civilization. This unspoiled beauty will definitely amaze you and make you strive for more.

Dragon’s Back hike path is To Tei Wan–>Dragon’s Back–>Shek O Peak–>Big Wave Bay (Tai Long Wan)

The trail goes along the hills from Shek O Peak (打烂埕顶山) to Wan Cham Shan. The sightseeing platform on 284 meters high Shek O Peak is a terrifically exciting place when it comes to the view of coasts and islands, making the breath-taking walk even more appealing. From Shak O Peak go along Dragon’s Back path around 3.2 kilometers to the crossroads where you should turn right. From that point, follow the signs to Big Wave Bay (大浪灣; Tai Long Wan), until you be there.

Leaving the Dragon’s Back hike is also not a demanding job. Walk from Tai Long Wan to Shek O along Big Wave Road for 15 minutes. Then at Shek O Road take bus #9 to Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus. From there, take the bus to another part of the city. This trail is 8.5 kilometers long, and it takes 2.5-3 hours to go through it.

Make sure to provide yourself with food and water before starting out, since there are no stations for refreshments along the trail.

How to get there
From MTR Shau Kei Wan Station take Exit A3. Then take bus #9 at Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus to To Tei Wan (土地湾), Shek O Road (about 25 minutes ride). There is a well-marked path next to the bus stop with the information board containing all important information, with steps leading up to the Dragon’s Back trail.