Stanley (赤柱) is full of diversities when compared to other parts of Hong Kong, and it is probably different from anything you expect to see in this city. Located on a peninsula southern of Hong Kong Island and south of Repulse Bay, Stanley has developed into a charming village. Mediterranean spirit can be felt here, thanks to the waterfront redevelopment.

Stanley was made the tentative governing center after the British occupied Hong Kong in 1842 before they moved it to the newly founded Victoria City (present day Central). During the British rule, Stanley was the most populous area on Hong Kong Island. More than 2,000 people lived in Stanley at that time. It got its name from Lord Stanley, a British Colonial Secretary of the 19th century, though in Chinese it is familiar by the name of “Chek Chue”, which literally means red pillar. It is supposed that the name is based on a big tall cotton tree (Bombax malabaricum) which could be found in the area of Stanley and was often covered with bright red blossoms, therefore, the name red pillar.

This part of Hong Kong is a very popular tourist destination, due to magnificent beaches, interesting colonial buildings, impressive waterfront, a popular market and many more attractions. Stanley is a place where you can take leisure walks along the waterfront promenade, do shopping, and have a great meal. It is a quite area even when it is most crowded, offering an experience that can’t be found elsewhere in Hong Kong. Various restaurants with delicious food, whether from Chinese or Western cuisine, can also be found here. Most of the restaurants are reasonably priced, though those with the see view are mostly at the higher end.

There are two sandy beaches, Stanley Main Beach on the eastern, and St. Stephen’s Beach, on the western side of the peninsula. These beaches are not as crowded as the Repulse Bay, but neither are as nice. It would be perfect if you can combine Repulse Bay and Stanley.

There are a number of attractions in Stanly, among most interesting are Murray House, Blake Pier, Stanley Market, Stanley Waterfront, Stanley Plaza, Stanley Ma Hang Park, and Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum.

To get to the Stanley take bus #6, #6A, #6X or #260 from Central Exchange Square Bus Terminal (about 50 minutes ride), or bus #973 from Tsim Sha Tsui East Bus Station (about 80 minutes ride). Bus routes from Central Exchange Square Bus Terminal are very scenic.

Experience Stanley and it’s best attractions with our step by step walking tour:

  Stanley Walking tour