Temple Street Night Market

Hong Kong Night Market

Even if you are not shopping fan, don’t miss Temple Street Night Market (廟街夜市場), named after a Tin Hau temple. The market starts at 14:00, but it comes to life after 20:00, so you can visit it just after a Symphony of Lights show. It is a vivid place where you can feel the vibe of the bustling and colorful city of Hong Kong.

Temple Street Night Market is a small, but colorful and vivid market. It is one of the few places where a spirit of old and traditional Hong Kong can be felt. Along with old, gray buildings, rude sellers, and dirty streets that come with it. But that is also a true Hong Kong which you should see it, just like you should visit all those shiny and bright places that Hong Kong is famous for.

In the evening, it is crowded with tourists and locals who are trying to find a good deal at some of the many stalls with cheap merchandise. Clothes, footwear, bags, accessories, watches, pirated DVDs, toys, electronics, household goods, antiques and much more is sold on the stalls. Fortune tellers, palm and tarot card readers will also try to grab your attention and money. Fortune-telling has a long history in China, and for 50-100HK$, it can be interesting experience whether you believe it or not.

Bargaining in Temple Street Night Market is strongly advised. Buy there only if you know how to bargain hard, otherwise, it can be a rip-off.

Lots of small restaurants and stalls with great and cheap local and seafood dishes can be found here. You can satisfy your hunger with fresh fruit and vegetables, but you can have some adventurous bites too. There are water tanks with live sea creatures, mostly fishes and crabs, waiting to be chosen and eaten. Although it is safe to eat there, don’t expect fancy restaurants or high hygiene standards.

Occasionally there are free open-air Cantonese opera and western music performances.

Location: Temple Street
Opening hours: 14:00-00:00
Metro: On Tsuen Wan or Kwun Tong metro line get off at the Yau Ma Tei station, Exit C. Follow Man Ming Lane until you reach Temple Street.
Recommended time for a visit: 2-4 hours