Huanglong accommodation

National Park Huanglong does not have places too sleep, while nearby options are limited and expensive. Among them are Seercuo Guoji Hotel and Huanglong Huanglong Hotel. Search for the accommodation in nearby Songpan, where you can find more options.

Songpan accommodation
Guyun Inn
(古韵客栈) HOSTEL $
Address: Shunjiang North Street, Songpan (顺江北街)
Phone: 72 31 368
Room prices: CNY200/310 double-twin/triple

Songpan Huanghe Grand Hotel (松潘黃河大酒店) HOTEL $$
Address: Manshui Beidiao Base, Songpan (新城區南水北調基地)
Room prices: CNY280/300 twin/double

Amdo Coffee House Inn (安多房子咖啡客栈) HOSTEL $$
Address: North Street (Bei Jie) (松潘古城北街)
Phone: 135 1596 0964
Room prices: CNY288/348 twin/double