Huanglong weather

Huanglong Valley have sub-frigid monsoon, cool and semi-moisture climate.

The coldest month is January, while the warmest temperatures may be found in July, with the average of 15°C (59°F). Rainy season last from May to September, with July as a month with most precipitation.

Over a year, weather in Huanglong does not change drastically, and therefore it is difficult to separate seasons. Because of the difference in altitude, weather conditions in different parts of the National Park may vary. At higher altitudes is cooler and wetter, while the lower points are generally warmer and drier. Due to a high altitude, weather in Huanglong is unpredictable and can be changed very quickly. Therefore, it is often good to have clothes for all weather conditions; T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets and rain coats.

Winters are long, cold and dry. Springs are short, while summers are cool and wet. Autumns are wet and cloudy. Mornings and evenings are usually misty.

Best time to visit
The best time to visit Huanglong is between Jun and October, when weather is mostly pleasant. Although this period is also the rainiest, there is a lot of sunshine hours and rains often don’t last for long.

Winter period also can be nice, with interesting white color added to a nature color palette. However, because of low rainfall, waterfalls and a lot of the pools are disappointingly dry.