Huanglong history

In general, there is not much to be said regarding history of Huanglong, since this place is mostly discussed in terms of its natural beauty and attractions. Nearby pools were discovered to contain some ancient stone pagodas, which implies that the area was inhabited a long time ago. The oldest manmade buildings re the three temples of which two survived until today. Those temples are Buddhist Huanglong Middle Temple (黃龍 中 寺, Huanglong Zhong Si) and Taoist Huanglong Back (Ancient) Temple (黃龍 古寺; Huanglong Gǔsì), and Huanglong Front Temple which did not survive. These temples were built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and they are a portrayal of how religions Taoism and Buddhism combine with one another, and also perfectly blend with nature.