Huanglong Service Info

Dialing code
(+86) 837

Emergency numbers
Police 110
Fire department 119
Ambulance 120

Huanglong is generally a safe place and there should not be any problems. Of course, you should take the usual precautions, such as keeping an eye on your values.

Health Care
During your visit to Huanglong, you will be at altitudes between 3,200m (10,499ft) and 3,600m (11,811ft), and on the way to the park even on 4,007m (13,146ft) above sea level, so it is possible to get altitude sickness. Altitude sickness usually occurs at altitudes over 2,400 meters (8,000 ft). Therefore, special precautions should be taken by those who have problems with being at high altitudes. Huanglong is at a higher altitude than Jiuzhaigou, so the risk of altitude sickness bigger. Things like rapid breathing and dizziness may occur. Overall, most people have no major problems during their visit to Huanglong.

There are oxygen station within park, with oxygen supplies available for purchase. Near Huanglong, there are no major medical centers and hospitals. Small health problems may be treated in Songpan County People’s Hospital (Shoubei Lane, South Shuncheng Road, Songpan, 72, 32497). The nearest hospitals with better equipment are in Chengdu. There are pharmacies (药店; yàodiàn) around the Songpan.

There are few ATMs (取款机; qǔkuǎnjī) in the Songpan, but not all of them are reliable, so it would be good if you take enough cash with you before arriving in the Songpan.

Internet Access
Most of the hotels and hostels in the Songpan provide free Wi-Fi. There are few internet cafes (网吧; wǎngbā) with computers around the town. One of them is in the Emma’s Kitchen (小欧洲西餐厅; Shunjiang Lu Street). Prices range from CNY5 to CNY7 per hour.