Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide


Found as a National Park in 1982, and officially opened for tourists in 1984, Jiuzhaigou is one of the most beautiful places that you will get the chance to see. It is located in the north of the Sichuan Province, more precisely, 450 kilometers away from its capital Chengdu, in the calm Jiuzhai County in the Min Shan mountain range. It is set on high altitudes, starting from 1,990 meters when you enter it, getting even up to 4,764 meters at the peak of Ga Er Na Feng Mountain.

The nature here is breathtaking, no matter the season, since they all have their advantages, whether talking about the awakening of the nature in spring, greenery in summer, red and yellow nature in autumn, and white layers in winter – they all have something to offer. The symbols of the area are lakes and mountains, and you will spend most of your time surrounded by them. Besides the natural environment, you will also get to know a lot about the Tibetan people, since the valley got the name by the nine Tibetan villages set in the valley. Only two of this villages are not inhabited today, and some of them will gladly receive the tourists, sell and show various souvenirs and handicrafts. If you are interested in alternative medicine, you may also find many useful things here, since Jiuzhaigou is known as herbal Mecca, with a huge number of rare and expensive medical herbs. However, be careful, since there are a lot of scams regarding this.

Nightlife here is not that rich, with an exception of Bian Bian Street (or Biān Biān Jiē; 边边街), which is 2.2 kilometers long and 1 kilometer north east from park entrance. This traditional street offers many bars, restaurants and cafes, but it is also quite suitable for shopping.

In general, this natural beauty cannot leave you indifferent, and whichever part of it you visit, you will find something to inspire and amaze you.

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