Jiuzhaigou accommodation

The park itself has no accommodation and is not allowed for tourists to stay there. However, there are hotels near the entrance to the park and these hotels are generally more expensive, but beautiful nature and the environment justify the cost, and are definitely worth it. For those looking for budget accommodation, there are a lot of options nearby in the Pengfeng Village (彭 丰村; Péng Fēng Cūn). This village is located about three kilometers north of the drop entrance to the park, so the location is quite good. In addition to accommodation, in the village there are plenty of restaurants and cafes, which is excellent, since it offers chances to spend some quality time in the evening. If Pengfeng Village does not offer a suitable accommodation for you, there is one more place to look; Zhangzha Town (漳 扎 镇; Zhāng Zhā Zhèn). It is somewhat farther from the park entrance, but it offers nice accommodations, which are set in the peaceful landscapes, surrounded by nature. During the low season, it is also possible to bargain.

Near Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve entrance
Qianhe International Hotel (九寨沟千鹤国际大酒店) HOTEL $$
Address: 301 Provincial Road, Longkang Cun Village, Zhangzha Town(漳扎镇龙康村火地坝)
Phone: 950 5062
Room prices: CNY450/960 double or twin/triple, breakfast included

Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort (九寨沟喜来登国际大酒店) HOTEL $$$
Address: Jiuzhaigou, near park entrance (九寨沟风景区)
Web address: www.starwoodhotels.com/sheraton
Phone: 773 9988
Room prices: CNY1,100/1,590 double or twin/triple

Pengfeng Village
Angelie Hotel (三喜宾馆) HOTEL $
Address: Pengfeng Village , Zhang Za Town (漳扎镇沟口彭丰村)
Web address: www.angeliehotel.com
Phone: 776 4973
Room prices: CNY238/268/298 twin/double/triple

Jiuxiang Hotel (九乡宾馆) HOTEL $
Address: Pengfeng Village, Zhangzha Town (漳扎镇彭丰村)
Room prices: CNY189-259/309 double or twin/triple

Zhangzha town
New Jiuzhai Hotel ( 新九寨宾馆) HOTEL $$
Address: 301 Provincial Road, Zhangzha Town, Jiuzhaigou (漳扎镇 )
Phone: 773 4777
Room prices: CNY790 double or twin, breakfast included

Intercontinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise (九寨天堂洲际大饭店) HOTEL $$$
Address: Ganhaizi, Zhangzha Town, Jiuzhaigou County (漳扎镇甘海子风景区)
Web address: www.ihg.com
Phone: 778 9999
Room prices: CNY1,195/1,655 double or twin/triple