Jiuzhaigou weather

Being set on the high altitude, which is 1,990 meters as you enter the park, reaching up to 4,764 meters on its peak, the Jiuzhaigou climate is highland humid climate, that is, subtropical to temperate monsoon. On higher altitudes climate is cooler and drier, while lower altitudes have a bit warmer temperatures.  The annual rainfall is 761 mm, and the month with the highest percentage of rainfall is July. Regarding the snow, it usually falls between October and April, while the period from December to February has the heaviest falls. The hottest month is July, with average temperature of 17℃ (63°F), while the coldest is January, with the average temperature of 3℃ (37°F). However, it is important to mention that the differences in temperature during the day and night can be extremely high. Taking in consideration the fact that the weather at these altitudes can be fickle and changeable, you should carry rain coat or umbrella, some warm clothes and a sun cream, all together, since you never know which one you will need.

The best time to visit Jiuzhaigou
If there was a place on the Earth which is perfect no matter what time of the year it is, that would definitely be Jiuzhaigou. Different seasons offer different sceneries, and each of them has its beauties and advantages. However, if you were to choose, autumn is slightly different than the other seasons, especially the period from late September to late October, excluding the first week of October when they celebrate the National Day and when it is extremely crowded. It is the period of warm temperatures, and the period when summer rains are no longer present. Summer is busiest and rainiest time, but it is still very nice for visiting, since rain will probably not bother you the whole day. During winter, many of the waterfalls are still frozen, while the snow that covers the trees is the perfect contrast to the colors of the brightly colored lakes.

Four Seasons in Jiuzhaigou
Spring (March to May)
When describing spring seasons in China, it is mostly usual to talk about the mild and perfect season, but that is not the case with Jiuzhaigou weather. The average temperature during this season ranges from 9℃ (48°F) to 18℃ (64°F), which is less than usual. Of course, there is plenty of sunshine during the day, but there is also a risk of UV radiation, so sunglasses and protection creams are compulsory. Of course, regarding the fact that spring represents the awakening of the nature, it charms are not to be neglected as well. Being covered with snow until February, March brings the period of snow melting, birds coming back and flowers and trees start showing their colors, so as the nature becomes greener, there are more and more tourists.

Summer (June to August)
The temperature in summer can range from 19℃ (66°F) to 22℃ (72°F) during the day, while the night can bring a huge decrease of it, falling even down to 10℃. With all of the lakes, trees and the rest of the nature around, summer here is a beautiful season, with no humidity. However, rainfalls are the only thing that can bother you, since they are most often during this season, even 80% of the whole year, especially in July. You should remember that the rain just surprises you, with no previous seeming to fall, so rain coat should be carries no matter where you go.

Autumn (September to November)
As previously mentioned, if there was a perfect season in Jiuzhaigou, it would definitely be autumn, though the whole year is more or less beautiful and convenient for visiting. The temperatures during this season are similar to those in summer, sometimes even higher, with an average of 18℃ (64°F), which at night comes to 8℃ (46°F). However, the best thing is that there is no rainfalls as there were in summer, but that does not mean that you should forget about your umbrella. You will definitely fall in love with the colors of autumn here. With the dominant yellow and red in the surrounding nature, and with the sky perfectly blue and clear, this season will also provide the most beautiful photographs.

Winter (December to February)
The period when the beautiful and colorful nature of Jiuzhaigou receives a brand new and different look getting completely white is winter season, with a thick layer of snow. The nature sounds are also completely different, than in the other seasons, everything is quieter and it seems like a one new dimension, yet still breathtaking.  The temperatures go from 0℃ (32°F) to 3℃ (37°F), so wear as many layers as possible to get warm enough. Though there are not as many tourists as usually, there are still a lot of things to be seen, and the fact that prices are lower can be well used.