Jiuzhaigou eating

For dining information within Jiuzhaigou National Park, see Jiuzhaigou National Park – Service info.

Although Jiuzhaigou area is not known for its different sorts of food, this is a great place to taste traditional Tibetan and Sichuan cuisines. Tibetan food found in the Jiuzhai Valley usually has a strong flavor, which is perhaps to be expected since it is located in an area that is over 3,000 meters above sea level. From traditional dishes particularly popular are tsampa or zanba (Tibetan: རྩམ་པ; Chinese: 糌粑) i yak meat (Tibetan: གཡག་ཤ; Chinese: 牦牛肉), while a butter tea or po cha (Tibetan: ཇ་སྲུབ་མ; Chinese: 酥油茶) is a most prevalent drink. Tsampa or zanba is the essential meal for Tibetans, made of barley flour, pea and oat powder. Iyaki meat is a very interesting meal, consisting of thinly sliced meat, preserved in sauce and some other traditional ingredients. Butter tea can be served with all of these meals, and it is something that Tibetan people drink all the time. Its main ingredients are butter and milk, but walnut kernel, eggs, peanut, sesame and salt are also added to boiled tea, which is kept in a kettle in order to drink it during the day.

While dining options in national park are limited, there are a lot of restaurants in the Pengfeng Village (彭丰村; Péng Fēng Cūn) and the Zhangzha Town (漳扎镇; Zhāng Zhā Zhèn). In most cases Tibetan and Sichuan food is offered, though there are several options with Western cusine. Prices are not high, but not low by Chinese standards. In Bian Bian Street (or Bian Bian Jie; 边边 街) about 1 km north east from the park entrance there are a lot of restaurants, with Tibetan and Western cuisine.