Jiuzhaigou nightlife and drinking

Towns and villages around Jiuzhaigou don’t have rich nightlife as other places in China, but that does not mean that you cannot find a place to enjoy your night while being here. Although Pengfeng Village and Town Zhangzha are places where you can spend your nights, the center of nightlife is Bian Bian Street (or Bian Bian Jie; 边边 街). In this street, which is around 2.2 kilometers long, you may find a lot of cafes, pubs, restaurants, and it’s interesting to visit either during the day or evening. By the street, there is a small river running along, giving the special impression of the whole area. The places around offer both, Western and Tibetan specialties, though the street in general is built in classical Tibetan style.

At nights, you may go and see performances in which the tradition of minority people is emphasized and portrayed. These performances consist of traditional dancing, singing, music, acrobatics, and dialogue in Chinese. They last for about an hour. These performances have been commercialized, and not all participants in the program are from the ethnic minorities. For a real experience of the culture of inhabitants, it is best to visit the villages of Jiuzhaigou or the surrounding countryside. Those interested in this kind of entertainment can go to one of three theaters that give such shows: The Jiuzhai Paradise Theater near Holiday Inn Jiuzhai Jarpo in Jarpo Town, Jiuzhaigou Folk Art Center next to the New Jiuzhaigou Hotel in Zhangzha Town, or Zang Wang Yan Wu Theater in Pengfeng Village.