Jiuzhaigou Service Info

Dialing code
(+86) 837

Emergency Numbers
Police 110
Fire department 119
Ambulance 120

Jiuzhaigou is generally a safe place and there should not be any problems. Of course, it is recommended to take the usual precautions, like keeping an eye on your values and documents.

Health Care
Regarding the fact that Jiuzhaigou is located at high altitude and that you are likely to be at altitudes higher than 2,500 meters (up to 4,500 meters) while being here, it is possible to get to altitude sickness. Therefore, special precautions should be taken by those who have problems with being at high altitudes. However, most people will have no problems. It is possible that you will get tired a little faster or breathe rapidly than usual, but it’s a rarity.

There is a medical center at the park entrance, with oxygen supplies available for purchase. In Jiuzhaigou, there are no major medical centers and hospitals. At the local hospital, only minor problems can be treated. The nearest hospitals, which are better equipped are located in Chengdu.

There are few ATMs (取款机; qǔkuǎn jī) in the Pengfeng Village and Zhangzha Town. ATMs are set near the park entrance. However, you should have some cash with you, because credit cards are accepted only in better hotels and restaurants. Money can be exchanged in banks, exchange offices (外汇 兑换 处; wàihuì duìhuàn chǔ), at the airport, as well as in the luxury hotels.

Internet Access
Internet connections in Jiuzhaigou are not the best, so finding fast internet connection can be a challenge. Better hotels, hostels and restaurants offers free internet access, but don’t expect always smooth internet experience.