China nature and wildlife

China nature
China is not just about thousands of years long history, old buildings, and fascinating architecture since nothing manmade can be compared with what nature created and provided. If you are a lover of nature, then China is the right place for you, because China nature is definitely on top of the list of what this country have to offer. Whatever natural wonders you may think about, China will offer them in their best look and shapes. No matter whether you prefer mountains, lakes, different scenic areas or natural landscapes, you will be amazed by all of the beauties you will encounter here. It will not be exaggerating if saying that China has some natural wonders that each person in the world should visit at least once.

Regarding the mountains, its number is enormous in this country, while their significance is priceless, both for the visitors and local people. They have quite a huge value while some of them are even regarded as sacred. There are Five Great Mountains, and their features can stand for all the other in the country. Those are Mount Taishan, Song Mountain, Mount Huashan, Mount Hengshan and Mount Hengshan. Water, in general, is also of a huge importance, especially lakes and rivers. Yellow River is maybe the most famous, and even familiar as the mother river of the Chinese nation. Besides it, most interesting rivers there are the Yangtze River and Li River, both of them having some astonishing elements of natural beauty.  Among many lakes, the most important three are Poyang, Dongting, and Taihu Lakes, and the beauty of the clean and fresh water in combination with the environment, these places are perfect for rest, taking photos or simply enjoying.

Natural parks are also quite famous, and inevitable when talking about the beauties of China. In general, there are 225 natural parks, and all of them have a lot to offer to their visitors. One such park is a heaven-like Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, which will impress you with the combination of turquoise pools, colorful mountain scenery, wildlife, and waterfalls. Besides it, there are also Guilin and Wulingyuan National Parks, and whichever of these you visit, be sure that it will provide you with a marvelous experience and something to remember the whole life.

China wildlife
The most interesting thing about China wildlife is the fact that it is rich, and it is all thanks to its climate that varies widely from its subtropical south to the northwest deserts. Knowing that it has many rare and endangered species makes it quite appealing and attractive for seeing. A vast area of the country and diverse landscapes help to cultivate various kinds of animals and plants, even some of those which number is reduced to only several of their kind. Natural reserves are paid a lot of attention in China, and governments also invest a lot in their building, maintenance and developing.  According to some data from 2005, there are 2,349 reserves for all the 3 categories; forests, wild animals and natural historical heritage, and forest area of around 8.7% of the whole territory was put under the protection.  Such things helped to preserve the unique fauna and flora, at the same time helping different researches for educational and scientific purposes. In general, it is estimated that China counts 7,516 species of vertebrates and 30,000 kinds of plants, and as such is considered to be one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.

When you think about the endangered species, probably the first that comes to mind is the Giant panda. They usually live in bamboo forests in China, and it is estimated that there are only 239 of them living in the country. Besides giant pandas, white-flag dolphins are also often mentioned in terms of being endangered, and often called “giant panda in water”. This animal can only be found in Yangtze River. On the other side, there are also some plants that are immediately associated with China, and can only be found in this country. Among them, of course, bamboo plants. Even though it can be grown everywhere, its first appearance is related to China, so it is believed it originated here. The country is also considered to be the home of ginseng, one of the most famous plants that is used in folk medicine. Talking about plants without mentioning bonsai trees would be impossible. Though this is not the strictly a sort of a tree, but rather a way of growing small trees, it is related to Chinese culture even from the ancient times.

Numerous species, whether talking about flora or fauna are endangered today, mostly due to human activity. So, it is quite useful that many of them are protected by the law, and that the country makes more and more natural reserves in order to protect them.