Shanghai Day 2 highlights

  1. People’s Square and People’s Park (1 hour)
  2. Shanghai Museum (3-5 hours)
  3. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (1 hour)
  4. Shanghai Circus World (19:30-21:10)

Total time for a sightseeing without pauses: 7-9 hours

There are several attractions within 5 minutes walking perimeter around People’s Square and People’s Park. While there is nothing much to see in the People’s Square and People’s Park, the Shanghai Museum is must for every visitor of Shanghai. It is one of the best museums in China.

Near Shanghai Museum, where you can learn about history of Shanghai, is Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center where you can get insight into future development plans of this city. Here you can see that the future of Shanghai will be at least as interesting as it was it’s past.

At the end of the Day 2, show at the Shanghai Circus World will make your day even more exciting! Stunts, live music, and light effects in this performance are not to be forgotten.

Young people who present events such as “Traditional tea ceremony” or “Art Gallery” are typical scammers and should be avoided, in order not to spend extra money with no need. See more info here.