Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple (玉佛禅寺; Fu Yu Chan Si) was founded in 1882 by Huigen, a Buddhist monk from the island southeast of Shanghai – Mount Putuo. Huigen was sent to a pilgrimage to Tibet over Mount Emei and Mount Wutai. When he arrived in Burma, as a gift from a Chinese who lived abroad, he received five statues of Buddha made of white jade. One of them is a sitting Buddha 1.9m (6.23ft) tall, and another one is reclining Buddha 0.96m (3.15ft) long. Buddha actually means enlightened, and jade is a precious stone, very appreciated in China, while white jade is the privilege of kings and gods. When Huigen passed through Shanghai, he left two statues and gave it to build a temple in which they would be kept. During the uprising of 1911, the temple was destroyed, and in 1918 reconstructed again in a new location. During the Cultural Revolution it was again destroyed, but the statues are still preserved and protected. In 1989 one more Reclining Buddha statue was added to the Temple’s collection. This 4m (13.12ft) long statue was a gift from Singapore. Jade Buddha Temple is, like most of the others, constructed according to the rules of Feng Shui. It means that the entrance faces south, the south side must be surrounded with water, and on the north there ought to be a hill.

Jade Buddha Temple can be quite crowded, so do your best to see it in the morning and peacefully take glimpse into Buddhism religion and architecture of the Shanghai and China.

Location: 170 Anyuan Road, Jing’an
Web address: www.yufotemple.com
Phone number: 6266 3668
Opening hours: 8:00-16:30
Entrance fee: CNY20
Metro: Changshou Road Station (exit 5) on line 7
Recommended time for a visit: 1.5 hour