Shanghai people, language, and religion

According to the latest reports of the Chinese Government, Shanghai has a population of 24,256,800, which makes it number one city in China regarding the number of people living there. Out of it, 89.3%, live in urban area and 10.7% in rural ones. It counts around 9 million foreigners and migrants, and the most numerous are the Japanese, American and Korean. Since Han Chinese are the most predominant group of people in Shanghai, regarding religion, Buddhist and Taoist religions are also widely spread. This city is quite favorable for other religions too, and it represents sort of a meeting point for religions and cultures, so it has representatives from numerous ethnic minorities, and Muslim and Christian population as well. The language spoken in here is so called Shanghainese, which is a dialect of Wu language, though the official one is Standard Mandarin. In general, do not expect many people to speak English. The situation is, however, much different in hotels and restaurants which are often visited by tourists. Official and transportation signs are usually written in both, Chinese and English language.