Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

The Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center (上海城市规划展示馆; Shànghǎi Chéngshì Guīhuà Zhǎnshì Guǎn) is located between People’s Square and People’s Park. If you already went around the city and fell in love with its beauties and sights, you may probably think that it cannot get better than that, but you would be quite wrong. The center provides a model of the city that deals with it current looks, but also giving an insight into some future plans and developments, reaching up to 2030.  The model will definitely make the city much more familiar to you. The building of the center itself is quite interesting, and besides offering the model of the city, it also offers the halls for occasional exhibitions, shops and restaurants. You may also get an audio presentation and a tour guide to take you through the hall, which can be quite helpful.

Location: 100 Renmin Ave, Huangpu
Web address:
Phone number: 6318 4477
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (last admission at 16:00)
Entrance fee: CNY30
Metro: People’s Square Station (Exit 1) on lines 1, 2 or 8
Recommended time for a visit: 1 hour