Xi’an Travel Guide

Xi'an Travel Guide

As one of the cradles of the Chinese civilization, the reasons why this city should not be skipped on your way throughout China are numerous. Mentioning the Terracotta Warriors and Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses even for hundreds of times would not be enough to transmit the energy and the necessity for all the tourist to see this, so called, the eighth wonder of the world. Before Terracotta Warriors you should visit Shaanxi History Museum. This museum gives a great insight into the history of China, not just Xi’an. Close to Shaanxi History Museum is another sight not to be missed, Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Set in the heart of Xi’an iconic Bell and Drum towers would be hard to miss. Of course, these are not the only attraction worth seeing in this ancient city, since it also has the best preserved city walls in the country. Its position in the past was also of a huge importance for its development, so the fact it was one of the starting points of the Silk Road speaks volumes about the eternal mystery called Xi’an.

Located 20 km out of Xi’an and in the shadow of Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Tomb of Emperor Jingdi is probably most underrated sight in Xi’an. If you have at least three days in Xi’an pay attention to this historical monument.

However, historical monuments and attractions are not the only things that the city offers, since it tends to be quite active during the evenings, when people usually go out simply to enjoy and take some fresh air.

Food lovers will also be highly grateful for having the chance to spend their time in Xi’an, tasting their diverse and rich cuisine that they will probably not taste at any other place. What is also quite interesting in this city is the vibrant and very interesting Muslim Quarter, which, besides the Great Mosque, brings a unique atmosphere, so the merging of completely different cultures, religions, and customs is one of the most beautiful things here. In general, if you want to feel the spirit of history and tradition, not neglecting modern men’s needs at the same time, Xi’an is definitely the perfect place for you –  the place where you can buy an expensive Gucci bag, and see a monument more than 1000 years old.