Xi’an weather

With the continental monsoon climate, Xi’an belongs to the warm temperature zone, with all the four seasons and temperature variations. The rainy season starts from July to October, though the rain starts to fall even in April. Winters are dry and cold, often with the snow, which tends not to last for long. On the other side, summers are hot, rainy and very humid, while springs and autumns are quite pleasant. January is the coldest month, and July is the hottest and rainiest. March and April are characterized with the dust storms which increase as the city starts to warm up.

The best time to visit Xi’an
The best period to visit Xi’an is in spring and autumn, that is, from March to May and from September to early November. The weather in this period is mainly dry and sunny, but not too hot. The largest crowds are during the holidays in the first week of May (Labor Day) and October (National Day) when hotels are usually overcrowded and accommodation prices higher.

Four seasons in Xi’an
Spring (March to May)
Warm weather that spring in Xi’an offers is ideal for exploring around and for outdoor activities. With temperatures that vary from 8°C in the very beginning of March, getting up to 20°C in May, this season is the most pleasant, though dust storms can be the only troublesome thing, but they tend to appear occasionally. Gentle breezes and warm sunshine make a great combination if you are after outdoor activities or want to enjoy cherry blossoms at Green Dragon Temple. In the end, whatever idea you come up with during this season is generally possible, since weather can only be in your favor.

Summer (Jun to August)
Hot temperatures in Xi’an during the summer season, especially in the noon, usually force you to stick to the indoor activities, or just to make your outdoor activities shorter. It is not just about the temperatures, since the average is usually 25°C, but also about humidity, that can be quite unbearable at times. Rains are also quite often, so an umbrella or rain coat in your bag is recommended as well.

Autumn (September to November)
A slightly cool and cloudy weather comes with autumn, with September and October as the months with a huge amount of precipitation. The weather can also be overcast, so long-sleeved shirts or sweaters and light coats are suggested to wear. The late autumn, however, tends to be much more pleasant, dry and sunny. Temperatures are quite similar to the ones you can expect during spring, since in the beginning of the day is cold, but as the days go by it becomes warmer. Every year, since 1993, November is reserved for the City Wall Marathon, so it is one more thing that can be done and seen during this season.

Winter (December to February)
From December to February dry and cold days of winter come, with a little snow that does not settle for long. With an average temperature of 0°C, the coldest month of this season is January. Warm clothing is crucial if you happen to be here during winter, such as warm jackets and wool coats. Xi’an also offers several ski resorts around the city, so if you are a lover of winter sports, this is a great way to spend your time. Also, the Lantern Festival on Xian City Wall is held in the February or March, and can be quite interesting.