Muslim Quarter Xi’an

Muslim Quarter Xi'an

Muslim Quarter (回民街) is undoubtedly most interesting part of Xi’an. One of the highlights of this part of the city is Great Mosque of Xi’an. There is also a vibrant market where you can buy clothes, electronic devices, souvenirs, fruits. It is best to lose in the maze of intersecting narrow streets, driven by the colors, sounds and smells. Moreover, the smells of the Muslim Quarter are fantastic, because they come mainly from the diverse, traditional and tasty Muslim food sold in restaurants and stalls. This quarter can definitely be the highlight of the trip through this area, since it is completely different from everything you will see around. It is paved with dark colored stone, and the green trees on the sides offer shades during the hot days. It is unbelievable what can you find here – from various food that you will enjoy, to some souvenirs typical for Muslim tradition, clothes and other items sold exclusively by Muslim sellers. The experience of the street is completely different at night, even more interesting, so if you have time, visit it during the day and at night.