Xi’an people, language, and religion

The ancient capital of China, Xi’an, is today a residence for around of 8 million people, where the majority among them are Han Chinese, making up even 99%. There are other ethnic groups, of which Hui people are most numerous. Regarding religions, the most dominant is Chinese traditional religion and Taoism, but Christians and Buddhists can also be found. The presence of the previously mentioned Hui people indicates the presence of Islam as well, and Xi’an was the first city in China to be introduced with this religion.  The official language spoken here is a dialect of Zhongyuan Mandarin called Guanzhong dialect, and if you speak only English, you will probably have to try hard, since not many people here speak it, including taxi and tuk-tuk drivers. However, the situation is different in hotels and restaurants which are often visited by tourists, and you will come to understanding.