Tomb of Emperor Jingdi

If you have time, Tomb of Emperor Jingdi (汉阳陵博物馆) also known as Han Yang Ling Museum is definitely worth visiting.  The Tomb of the Emperor Jingdi is around 20 kilometers north of Xian. It is tomb of the Emperor Jingdi (personal name Liu Qi) from the Western Han Dynasty and his Empress Wang. It was quite usual for emperors in the Han Dynasty to build their own tombs for life, so he did the same things when he started ruling. This place was built in the year of 153 and it covers an area of 20 square kilometers. This interesting archeological site resembles a small city or a little kingdom, which is full of miniature statues of servants and soldiers in different positions and places. Among the pottery figures, there are warriors, civilians, males and females, even singers and dancers in traditional gowns. The underground hall was opened in 2006, but besides the underground exhibition, there is a regular building on the ground that conducts exhibitions.

How to get there
Unfortunately, it is not easy to get to the museum by public bus, because there are no many buses which goes there. Take bus 50, 228, 230 or 328 to the Xi’an City Sports Park (CNY2). From there take bus 4 (CNY3; 8:30-16:30, on every 2 hours; last bus from museum leaves at 17:20).

Location: East side of Airport Highway
Web address:
Phone number: 8603 1470
Opening hours: May to November 8:30-18:00; December to February 8:30-17:00
Entrance fee: May to November CNY90; CNY35 entry to underground palace. December to February CNY65; CNY25 entry to underground palace.
Recommended time for a visit: about 2 hours