Yangshuo countryside

Yangshuo countryside

The nature of Yangshuo County is not just about the beautiful Li River and Yulong River, but also the Yangshuo countryside that is also breathtaking, with many brilliant views and places. While visiting it you will pass through rural areas and villages which will give you the ability to take a glimpse into everyday life of rural China and see how ordinary people and farmers live here.

On this cycling tour you will pass several attractions, including Big Banyan Tree and Moon Hill, and a series of small minority villages embraced by nearby hills which will make impression on you, as well as restless farmers on their wide rice paddies. You will get the feeling that you are going through the untouched nature, with lands surrounded by paddy fields, mountains and water, and if you just stay a little bit and listen, you will enjoy the sounds of the peaceful nature and soak in the sensational colors.

There are plenty of routes for bikes, depending on the physical condition and interests. Yet, the routes proposed here is one of the best and offers the opportunity to see many things in just one day.

As there are a lot small roads on the way, there is a slim chance that you may get lost on this biking tour. However, don’t get panic: ask peasants for direction, take advantage of local hospitality and it may lead you to even greater experience.

Yangshuo countryside biking Route 1
Time: Whole day with Moon Hill and villages stops
Length: 29 km
Costs: Bike renting
Although this is a slightly longer route, it is not demanding and it is possible to be gone through by the people who are not in their best physical condition.
Check Route 1 for more details.

Yangshuo countryside biking Route 2
Time: Half day with Moon Hill and villages stops
Length: 20.6 km
Costs: Bike renting
If Route 1 is too long for you then you can make smaller circuit.
Check Route 2 for more details.