Yangshuo biking – Route 1

Yangshuo countryside

Yangshuo countryside biking Route 1
Yangshuo (0 km) – Gongnong Bridge (6 km) – Big Banyan Tree (6.5 km) – Moon Hill (8 km) – Li Village (Li Cun; 8.5 km) – Qiaotou Village(Qiaotou Cun; 13.2 km) – Lexiang Village (Lexiang Cun; 14.6 km) – Yong Village (Yong Cun; 17.5 km) – Aishan Village (Aishan Cun; 22.7 km)- Yangshuo (29 km)
Time: Whole day with Moon Hill and villages stops
Length: 29 km
Costs: Bike renting

Although this is a slightly longer route, it is not demanding and it is possible to be gone through by the people who are not in their best physical condition.

Bike rent
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From Pantao Road in Yangshuo connect to the Kangzhan Road. Follow Kangzhan Road and take second exit on a roundabout (go straight) after 900 meters. Follow National Road 321 (G321) and after 4.2 km, you will see Gongnong Bridge (工农桥; 6 km from start (+6 km from previous point)). Continue on G321 and after 500 meters on your right side will be Big Banyan Tree Scenic Area (大榕树景区; 6.5 km (+0.5 km); CNY20 entrance fee).

This tree is amazing regarding many aspects, but the historical one is maybe of the most importance. Planted during the Sui Dynasty (581-618), it has around 1400 years long history and it witnessed many events of the past. Being 7 meters wide and 17 meters high, it stretches out so luxuriously and exuberantly that it is almost impenetrable for the sunshine, like a giant parasol. It is an ideal tree to sit under during the hottest days of the summer, since it can protect you and give you a bit of the fresh air. It occupies an area of about 1,000 square meters, and is considered to be one of the major tourist attractions of this place. There are many stories related to this tree, and one is that it was treated as a God among the Zhuang People. It also symbolizes love, since many believe that if they come with their beloved one, it will make their happiness and dreams last forever, while those who are alone come with the hope it will help them find their soul mate.

From Big Banyan Tree follow G321 for 1.5 km and you will arrive at Moon Hill Scenic Area (月亮山公园; 8 km (+1.5 km); CNY15 entrance fee), on your right side.

Moon Hill is definitely worth climbing. You can do it on foot, leaving your bicycle at the bottom of the hill, since the entrance fee provides a safe parking space for your bicycle. Its shape is quite appealing, especially for photographers who cannot resist the temptation to make dozens of photographs of the hill with a moon shaped hole in it. It is around 410 meters long and 230 meters high, while the hole is about 50 meters wide and 50 meters tall. There are more than 800 stairs leading to the “moon”, and the path that leads to it is not difficult at all, though you cannot expect to walk less than half an hour, up to 40 minutes. The cave itself is full of both, fascinating and bizarre stalactites in different shapes and size, where one resembles the jade rabbit, being a part of an old Chinese legend. When you arrive there, you will have a chance to prove your strength and overhang the cliff in order to get closer to the main platform that offers breathtaking views of Yangshuo town and its landscape. You will not know where to look first; above, bellow or just in front of yourself. The colors of the sky or of the mountains, rivers and fields are just striking and unbelievable. It will be probably one of those moments that you just want to freeze and experience to the fullest.

There is one small hint and suggestion for the adventurers and the ones who always want more than what is usually offered. When you come through the main arc of the hill, you will come across a small trail on the left and see one stone, with a sign that explicitly forbids you to go behind it. However, this is one of those moments where it is highly recommended to ignore the sign and fall for a temptation to check what is behind. You will have to climb around 15 minutes, but the reward after that is priceless; a breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view of the dreamlike nature. The main advice is to bear in mind that this part has no barriers and to take care of your step!

You can make lunch break in one of the restaurants near Mon Hill, which are pretty touristic. Alternatively, you can enjoy your meal in one of the villages you will pass by on route and that would be much more authentic experience.

Continue on G321 and after just about 100 meters from Moon Hill get of the G321 and turn right onto country road to Li Village (Li Cun; 历村; 8.5 km (+0.5 km)). Next 800 meters will take you through the Li Village to the junction. You can make detour on right fork for a nice views of Moon Hill in distance. Eventually, take left fork and after 100 meters turn left again onto asphalted County Road 053 (乡道). After 1.2 km you will reach to the fork. If you want to take shorter Route 2, this is the fork where you should take left road. If you are good with longer Route 1 take right road.

Go along Country Road 053 (at every junction take bigger road) for next 7.3 km and you will pass through several villages including Qiaotou Village (Qiaotou Cun; 桥头村; 13.2 km (+4.7 km)) and Lexiang Village (Lexiang Cun; 乐响村; 14.6 (+1.4 km)), until you get to the Yong Village (Yong Cun; 勇村; 17.5 (+2.9 km)) and Country Road X100 (县道). Turn left onto Country Road X100 and stay on it for 5.2 km until you get to the Aishan Village (Aishan Cun; 矮山村; 22.7 km (+5.2 km)). Turn left onto Yangpu Road after 500 meters, cross the bridge over Yulong River, and almost 4 km further you will come to big roundabout. Take first exit (go right) onto Kangzhan Road. Go along Kangzhan Road and 900 meters further take left turn onto Pantao Road. After 400 meters on your right side will be Xijie Pedestrian Street in Yangshuo (29 km (+6.3 km)).