Yangshuo biking – Route 2

Yangshuo countryside

Yangshuo countryside biking Route 2
If Route 1 is too long for you then you can make smaller circuit:
Yangshuo (0 km) – Gongnong Bridge (6 km) – Big Banyan Tree (6.5 km) – Moon Hill (8 km) – Li Village (Li Cun; 8.5 km) – Yan Village (Yan Cun; 12.7 km) – Aishan Village (Aishan Cun; 14.3 km) – Yangshuo (20.6 km)
Time: Half day with Moon Hill and villages stops
Length: 20.6 km
Costs: Bike renting

This route is the same as Route 1 until you reach fork at about 1.3 km from Li Village. On this fork take left road and stay on Country Road 827 (县道) heading north. When you come to the end, almost 4 km further, turn left onto Country Road X100 (县道). On the way, you will pass several villages including Yan Village (Yan Cun; 燕村; 12.7 km (+4.2 km)).  After 200 meters, you will reach Aishan Village. From here go to the Yangshuo as described in Route 1.

Bike rent
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