Yangshuo accommodation

The choice of accommodation in Yangshuo and the places around is large and diverse, and it ranges from the cheapest guesthouses to expensive hotels and bungalows. There should not be any problems in finding the accommodation, except on holidays, especially in the first week of May and October, when nearly all accommodations are fully booked, and prices are higher as well. Out of season, it is possible to bargain over the price of the room.

If you want peaceful accommodation stay far away from the city center and not book a room there. The accommodation around West Street is usually noisy, due to the large number of bars that play loud music late into the night. So if you don’t plan night outs, it is the best to avoid this part of the city regarding the accommodation.

For a real vacation it is best to get the accommodation a little further from the city center, in the direction of Li River where you can enjoy the silence, but also be relatively near the center. For those who want to fully enjoy the nature, silence and good quality sleep, the best option might be the accommodation along the Yulong River. The bad side of this accommodation is obviously the distance from the center of Yangshuo for those who want to enjoy the delights of this charming small town. Taxi service in Yangshuo is expensive, so the best option is to check whether there are some possibilities that the hotel you stay in provides the transportation, especially if you are far away from the city center.

Yangshuo Countryside
The Stone Bridge-Home Sweet Home in the Valley (石桥甜美之家) GUESTROOM $
Address: 26 Shi Ban Qiao Village (石板桥26); walking distance from Yangshuo
Phone: 3283 6162
Room prices: CNY40/120/120/120/150 dorm/single/twin/triple/deluxe room

Trippers Carpe Diem (阳朔称山景假日酒店) HOSTEL $
Address: 35 Shi Ban Qiao (石板桥35); walking distance from Yangshuo
Web address: www.guesthouseyangshuo.com
Phone: 88 22 533
Room prices: CNY50/110/150 dorm/single/double or twin

Cosy Garden (柚子山庄) HOSTEL $
Address: 28 Shi Ban Qiao (石板桥28); walking distance from Yangshuo
Web address: www.cosy-garden-hostel-yangshuo.com
Phone: 88 88 770
Room prices: CNY120/160 single/double or twin

Yangshuo Outside Inn (荷兰饭店) HOTEL $
Address: Chao Long village, Yima (骥马朝龙村); 4km from Yangshuo
Web address: www.yangshuo-outside.com
Phone: 88 17 109
Room prices: CNY160/240/300/340 twin/double/triple/family

The Giggling Tree (咯咯树饭店) GUESTHOUSE $$
Address: 13 Mainstreet, Aishanmen Village (矮山门村); 5km from Yangshuo
Web address: www.gigglingtree.com
Phone: 6786 6154
Room prices: CNY90/270-300/330-360/390-420 dorm/double or twin/triple/family

Yangshuo Village Retreat (罗马假日柚子山庄) HOTEL $$
Address: 35 Shi Ban Qiao (石板桥35); walking distance from Yangshuo
Web address: www.yangshuo-village-retreat.com
Phone: 9593 5635
Room prices: CNY330-430/660-730 double or twin/family

Yangshuo Village Inn (听月楼) BOUTIQUE HOTEL $$
Address: 26 Moon Hill Village, Gaotian Town (高田镇历村26号)
Web address: www.yangshuoguesthouse.com
Phone: 87 78 169
Room prices: CNY330-430/660-730 double or twin/family

Secret Garden Boutique Hotel (秘密花园酒店) BOUTIQUE HOTEL $$$
Address: Jiuxian Village (旧县村); 7km from Yangshuo
Web address: www.yangshuosecretgarden.com
Phone: 877 1932
Room prices: CNY468/498/598/628/788 twin/double/deluxe room/suite/family suite

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat (胜地度假山庄) BOUTIQUE HOTEL $$$
Address: Wang Gong Shan Jiao, Feng Lou Cun Wei, Gaotian Zhen (高田镇凤楼村委王公山脚)
Web address: www.yangshuomountainretreat.com
Phone: 87 77 091
Room prices: CNY330-670/570-670/670-820 twin/triple/family

Yangshuo Culture House (阳朔文化小屋) GUESTHOUSE $
Address: 110 Beisan Xiang Chengxi Road (城西路北三巷110号)
Web address: www.yangshuo-study-travel.com
Phone: 88 27 750
Room prices: CNY100/200 dorm/double or twin

Yangshuo Travelling With Hostel (former Green Forest Hostel) 瓦舍旅行酒店) HOSTEL $$
Address: Chengzhongcheng Business Street, Diecui Road (城中城 叠翠路)
Phone: 888 2686
Room prices: CNY50/280/320 single/double/twin

Magnolia Hotel (白玉兰酒店) HOTEL $$
Address: 7 Die Cui Road (叠翠路7号)
Phone: 881 8200
Room prices: CNY300/400 twin standard/double deluxe