Yangshuo attractions by days

Day 1 highlights

  1. Li River Raft and Hike (full day)

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Day 2 highlights

  1. Yulong River Raft and Bike (full day)

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Day 3 highlights

  1. Yangshuo countryside biking (full day)

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Don’t miss
If you are staying in or near Yangshuo even for one night, don’t miss Impression Liu Sanjie, great visual and musical show.

If you have only…
If you don’t have full three days for Yangshuo and Li River, check out If you have only… page for our sightseeing suggestions for less than three days.

Other activities
Visit our other activities page to see what else you can do while in Yangshuo. To do these activities you will have to stay more than three days in Yangshuo, or you will have to skip some of the activities from our day by day itineraries.

Roads less traveled
If you would like to take some off beaten paths near Yangshuo as adition or substition to day by day itineraries, take a look at roads less traveled page.