Yangshuo weather

Yangshuo weather, with its subtropical and monsoon-influenced climate, with a lot of sunlight, heat and rainfall. Yangshuo climate is divided into four seasons. The coldest of the months is January, and the average temperature during this month is 9°C, while July and August are the warmest, with the temperature of around 28°C. If you happen to be here in May or June, pay attention that these months are with the most of the rain, so do not forget your umbrella wherever you go. However, swimming is possible from May to September, but you should also pay attention to boats, rafts and currents. Swimming in the Yulong River is somewhat nicer than in the Li River, because there are no motorized boats and the water is cleaner.

The best time to visit Yangshuo and Li River
The best time to travel to Yangshuo is from April to May and from September to November, when the weather is not too hot and when it is mainly sunny, without constant rainfalls. This is the period when the nature of Yangshuo reaches its peak, so you can enjoy the perfect scenery and landscape. From May until the end of the year, most of the festivals are held, and they are usually very interesting. July and August are peak seasons when most of the tourists pay their visits, so the prices for accommodation are higher. This is mostly emphasized during the first week of May, actually the first seven days of the Labor Day, and during National Holidays, which are in the first week of October.

Four Seasons in Yangshuo and Li River
Spring (March to May)
Starting in March and lasting up to May, spring is the perfect season to spend in Yangshuo. From its very beginning, the temperatures can be coldish, but they turn into pleasant with 20°C as April comes. This month brings sunny and warm weather, which is not too humid. The weather is mostly dry with occasional showers, and the rare beauties of Yangshuo surrounded by mountains are highlighted during this period. The best way to experience Yangshuo in spring is to take long bicycle rides, and inhale the beautiful blossoms of the flowers and trees, with amazing rice fields bathed in sunshine.

Summer (Jun to August)
Summertime in Yangshuo is from June to August, and the temperatures during this season are from 25°C to about 38°C. This is the period when it can be quite hot and humid. The end of May and the beginning of June can be relatively rainy, without stopping even for the whole day. The end of June is somewhat better regarding the rain, but when it comes to temperature, it can go up to amazing 38°C. During the summer, it is hard without air-conditioning, hats, and other ways to protect yourself from sunburn. Due to such hot weather, swimming is especially popular during this period.

Autumn (September to November)
Autumn, or the period from September to November brings more pleasant weather after the hot summer, though the hot weather can sometimes continue until late September. The average temperature is around 20°C, but although there is no rain the sky can be often grey, which contributes to the lack of experiencing the natural and green beauty of Yangshuo. Somewhat less beautiful weather comes in November, and the temperatures start to drop significantly. Mornings and evenings can be quite chilly, so the appropriate clothes should be prepared for that matter.

Winter (December to February)
The period from December to February is reserved for winter, with temperatures between 6°C to about 15°C. Days are usually quite dark, and you will not even be willing to look through the window, let alone going out and exploring. This is the least pleasant time to enjoy Yangshuo for most of the people, but the quietness of the place that gets silent during the winter can be quite enjoying for itself. Hotel rooms are also cheaper, with heaters inside which will help you survive the cold weather.