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Impression Liu Sanjie (印象刘三姐; Lijiang Shanshui Theater; www.yxlsj.com; 0773/88 11 983; high season/low season 19:30-20:50 & 21:05-22:20/20:00-21:10; CNY198-680) is grand musical show. Show is based on a movie from 1961, with great background setting, stunning lights and impressive acting will leave you astonished.

It is the story about Liu Sanjie, a young and beautiful woman, with brilliant voice that makes everyone touched. It is based on the legend of a warlord who falls in love with Liu Sanjie, who was already madly in love with a young villager working on the farm. The warlord couldn’t allow this to happen, so he kidnapped her but she was set free by her lover and friends so they could run away and live happily ever after, by turning themselves into a pair of larks.

The first performance of this show was in 2004 with 1800 seats available, where now there are 2500 and it was directed by Zhang Yimou, the famous director of the majestic opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The show lasts around 70 minutes, and includes almost 700 local performers, bamboo boats and cormorants birds which altogether make a spectacular performance in 7 episodes: The Prelude, Red Impression, Blue Impression, Green Impression, Golden Impression, Silver Impression and The Epilogue. The stage consists of an area of about 1.600 square kilometers along the Lijiang River. It is set around 3 kilometers south from Yangshuo, and you need to walk about 30 minutes, or take a minibus.

The tickets can be bought in many hotels, and sometimes you may get the transport included, but this should be checked when buying. Be careful where you buy tickets, since there are many places where you can buy it very cheaply, but with these tickets you will get to the opposite side of the river. Prices also depend on the location and the seats, and they vary from 198Y to 680Y. It is performed twice in the evening: the first show starts at 19:30, and the second one at 21:05.