Yangshuo roads less traveled

If you want to enjoy the less crowded areas of the Li River, than you may take a raft and go south from Yangshuo to Liugong Village (Liugong Cun). The village of Liugong is 14 kilometers down the river from Yangshuo, and it will take you around an hour and a half to get there by raft. This village is usually not visited by many people, so it preserved the typical cultural identity. You may use both; raft and bicycle, where the raft could be used to get there from Yangshuo, while the bicycle is highly recommended when going back, in order to pass by Fuli Town, the old and artistic place, through an amazing country road.

Liugong Village is full of ancient buildings with quite typical architecture, dating from Ming and Qing dynasty. Its attractions are numerous, including the cave with flowing water, but one of the most fascinating attractions is Three Color Pond. As the name itself says, it consists of three small ponds, with different colors, one being somewhere between blue and yellow, the second one emerald green, and the last one muddy. The paths made of stone, ornamental roofs and other curiosities regarding architecture will satisfy your need to see something quite traditional. After visiting this village, go north to Fuli Town (福利古镇), and when you get there, you will see the reasons why.

This is also one of the few remained ancient towns with a history of more than 1000 years and it preserved the spirit of the old days. If you look at the houses, you will see that people here still live in a quite traditional way, since they are usually made of stone. Their main job and a way to survive is boat fishing and they make probably the best rice wine. The beautiful scenery of Fuli Town will also amaze you, since from one side it faces the Li River and the other three sides are bounded by mountains. It has several interesting buildings and Kuixing Tower is maybe the most known one, serving like a gate to this old town. If you ask anyone about Fuli Town, you will get the information about the hand painted paper, since it has a long history and culture regarding this art. Every resident here can be a perfect artist, and wherever you go, you may see the beauties of the nature put on the paper with the most beautiful colors and shapes.