Yangshuo rock climbing

With more than 400 rock climbing routes, Yangshuo represents the heaven for people who enjoy climbing, whether they are professionals or they just want to try something new. It can freely be described as the center of rock-climbing scene in China, especially appealing for the tourists with a small budget. You can come here to climb and explore caves and other places, or you may choose to be a lazy tourist just enjoying the stunning views, and no one can blame you for that.

Rock climbing routes are of different levels, varying in difficulty from 5.6 to 5.14. It also is possible to find excellent guides for rock climbing in the area. Typical prices range from CNY200–450, which depends on climbing routes and guides.

There is also a Rock Climbing Festival, held on a weekend in October or November, and it is visited by hundreds of climbing lovers. The admission fee is CNY200 per person, or CNY250 after the deadline. There are plenty of activities, including climbing courses and climbing tasters for beginners up to the challenging activities for experienced climbers.