Yangshuo Service Info

Dialing code
(+86) 773

Emergency numbers
Ambulance 120
Police 110
Fire department 119

Yangshuo is generally very safe, but you still need to be aware, especially of the pickpockets who can be anywhere where it is crowded, especially the places such as bus stations, markets or buses themselves. If you take your money and other valuable things with you, make sure you provide yourself with a money belt to keep it safe. Also, beware the scams and touts that may try to charge you with something for a much higher price than it is, like tours or transportation. Therefore, watch out if someone offers something for what you do not know the real price.

Health Care
There are several hospitals in Yangshuo, but the biggest and the best is the People’s Hospital of Yangshuo County (26 Chengzhong Road; 88 22 472). However, hospital services are basic, so if something more serious occurs, it is the best to go to a nearby Guilin which has better hospitals. The staff usually does not speak English, so in case of emergency take someone with you who could translate, for a better medical treatment.

There are plenty of ATMs (取款机; qǔkuǎn jī) around Yangshuo and regarding the cash withdrawal, travelers should not have problems. However, no matter that the offices of most banks (银行; yínháng) have ATMs, the safest way to withdraw your money is from ICBC (International and Commercial Bank of China) and Bank of China ATMs. In Bank of China you can also cash traveler’s checks. There are no exchange offices in Yangshuo, so you will have to change your money in banks. Most of the hotels and some of the restaurants have POS terminals, and Mastercard and Visa are widely accepted. In countryside outside Yangshuo POS terminals are rarely seen.

Internet Access
The tourists should not have problems with the internet access in Yangshuo, because most of the hotels, restaurants and bars have wireless internet. Some even have printers and scanners, as well as PCs that guests can use for free. If you do not have a wireless device, you can go to one of the internet cafes (网吧; wǎngbā) which are in West Street, but be aware that they are more expensive, while internet cafes slightly off-center are cheaper, like Minnie’s Cyber City in Chengzhong road or internet cafe in Diecui Road above the Xinhua Bookstore. Prices for internet access ranging from CNY3 to CNY6 per hour, depending on location, internet speed and equipment in internet cafe.