Yangshuo shopping

Yangshuo has no large supermarkets or shopping malls, so the shopping is reduced to somewhat more authentic experience – shopping in small, local shops and stalls. In Yangshuo tourists are mainly offered handcrafts and souvenirs. Not surprisingly, most of these handcrafted souvenirs are inspired by the beautiful nature and scenery which surrounds Yangshuo. Witty and skilled locals are trying to charge the tourists for the great landscapes not only through the tours, but also through souvenirs. Thus the paintings, painted fans or T-shirts are usually made with the motives of the Li River, Yulong River and Yangshuo countryside. In addition to handicrafts, jewelry, masks, puppets and other things are sold as well.

These stores are mainly concentrated along West Street, so there is also the largest choice of souvenirs. Most of these stores offer similar products, so you should visit at least a few to check where you may find the cheapest things you are interested in. Bargaining is highly recommended, and you can make a great deals if you know how to do it.