Yangshuo Tai Chi and cooking courses

Tai Chi and cooking courses are quite popular in Yangshuo, and even though you are just a tourist, you may try one of these. It can be one great new experience, and you can develop some new useful skills.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial arts. You will love the wonderful environment of the Tai Chi schools, great and patient masters that carefully explain the theory and movements. In just a few lessons you may get some lifelong knowledge, and you will be more than satisfied.

Regarding the cooking courses, they can be a great opportunity to find some new friends and learn how to make Chinese food. The dishes that are taught are rather simple, yet extremely delicious. You get the recipe, and there is no fear that you will do something wrong. Instructors are usually fluent in English and you will always have someone to help you when needed. The environment of the schools is also quite pleasant, so these courses are definitely a must if you have some spare time while in Yangshuo.