Yangshuo transportation

Yangshuo is a small town and most places in the city are within walking distance. For those who want to explore the surroundings there are several options, out of which the best is bike. There is also public transport (city buses) which is cheap (tickets cost CNY2) and environmentally friendly, because they are all powered by electricity.

Three-wheeler taxi
Three-wheeler taxis are popular and there are plenty of them on the streets of Yangshuo. They are cheaper than taxi, safe and can be an interesting way of exploring the area. The price should be agreed in advance, and they can be rented for the whole day.

Compared to other cities in China, the taxi service in Yangshuo is more expensive. If you are going somewhere outside the city center, the taxi drivers will include their return to the city into your price, since the chances they will pick up someone on their way back are quite small. Most of them does not use the meter, so be careful and agree on the price before starting the ride.

Bike rent
There are many places in Yangshuo where you can rent a bike, especially in the West Street. Prices range from CNY10 to CNY70 per day, depending on the quality and condition of the bikes and whether it includes additional equipment such as helmet, which is recommended. However, avoid the cheapest bikes, since they are usually the worst and most uncomfortable and they are not mountain bikes, which can make the difference between enjoying the beautiful nature and having a terrible day. One of the best places for renting bike equipment in Yangshuo is Bike Asia (8 Gui Hua St; www.bikeasia.com tel 0773/88 26 521; 8: 30-18: 30). Bikes are CNY70 per day including helmet, map and repair kit.

Scooters rent
Scooters can be rented in Yangshuo as well. Recently electric scooters are extremely popular, and they do not impact badly on the environment. You can cover greater distances with them in the opposite to bikes. They are simple, easy and convenient to use when visiting Yangshuo countryside. The price of renting the scooter is about CNY130 for the day.

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