China in 13 days

Trip itinerary
Days 1-3: Shanghai: see Shanghai Attractions by days.
Days 4-7: Shanghai to Beijing transportation: take airplane (2 hours travel time) or bullet train (5.5 hours travel time). Check Beijing-Shanghai transportation for more info.
Beijing: visit Beijing as described in Three and a half days in Beijing.
Day 8: Beijing to Xi’an transportation: take airplane (2 hours travel time), overnight train (about 12 hours travel time), or high-speed train (about 5.5 hours travel time).
Xi’an: When you arrive in Xi’an, check-in in you hotel/hostel, and rest a little bit. During the afternoon enjoy in Xi’an City Wall by foot or bike. In the evening, if you are not too tired, visit Muslim Quarter.
Day 9-10: Xi’an: do Day 1 and Day 2 from Xi’an Attractions by days.
Day 11: Xi’an to Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport transportation: take airplane (about 1 hour flight time). You will need 1.5 hours more from Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport to Jiuzhaigou. Use Day 11 to take a rest, and get ready for a whole day walking in Jiuzhaigou National Park. In the evening you can visit Bian Bian Street.
Day 12: Jiuzhaigou: do Day 1 in Jiuzhaigou.
Day 13: Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong/Songpan transportation: take bus from Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong or Songpan (2 or 3 hours travel time). Check Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong transportation for more info.
Huanglong: Visit Huanglong as described in Day 1 in Huanglong.

From Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport (九寨沟机场) there is a shuttle bus service to Jiuzhaigou via Huanglong, with 4 hours break for Huanglong sightseeing. It cost CNY110 and takes about 8 hours in total for travel and Huanglong sightseeing. If you like, you can spend Day 11 for Huanglong sightseeing and transportation to Jiuzhaigou. On this way you will get one day extra, because you will not have to visit Huanglong in a Day 13.

For more information visit Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Jiuzhaigou, and Huanglong.